Return To Monkey Island- How To Board LeChuck’s Ship

Return To Monkey IslandIn Return To Monkey Island, you are in a precarious situation where LeChuck who is your archnemesis is on the Dock getting ready to set sail to Monkey Island. The Secret of Monkey Island is going to be exposed and obtained by LeChuck. To prevent it from happening, first, you need to get on board LeChuck’s ship which we have covered in this guide.

How To Board LeChuck’s Ship In Return To Monkey Island

While you toll around Melee Island searching for the ship and fund, LeChuck’s ship is getting ready to sail to Monkey Island. As your tale progress, you have no way out unless you board the LeChuck’s ship i.e. “Le Ship“. However, you are forbidden to enter the ship, so you will need to sneak in without getting caught.

To pull such a task, you will need 2 things mainly. First, you will need to get a disguise. Second, you will need to fill the vacant job and get a mop. Once you have a mop and a disguise to fool the Quartermaster, you will be allowed to board the LeChuck’s ship and continue the tale. If you are interested to learn how to get a disguise i.e. an Eyepatch and a Mop, we have made a guide on Return To Monkey Island i.e. linked below the description:

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