Omega Strikers Tier List Best Forward & Goalie

omega strikers

Omega Strikers, recently released on PC has become one of the best indie sports games. Although the game might seem bland from the outside as just some air hockey with strikers. You will be astonished by the amount of depth and content it has to offer for a free game. There are various styles, unique abilities, and talent slots to equip to make each character stronger and let players play the game according to their game style. Below you will find the tier list, best forward, and goalie in this game.

Omega Strikers Tier List

The tier list is comprised of a lot of things that include, the character’s ability, movement, damage, and overall gameplay. This tier list is mostly personal preference and might differ from player to player. As the game feature two different roles for the game, there should be two different tier list for the characters.

For Forward players tier list:

  • S Tier – Era, Juliette, Estelle, Kai
  • A Tier – Asher, Juno, Drek’Ar, X
  • B  Tier – Dubu, Luna
  • C Tier – Juno (Because of the Make it rain ability, as the blobs rebounds are unpredictable).

For Goalie Tier List:

  • S Tier – Dubu, Asher, Atlas,
  • A Tier –  Kai, X, Era, Juliette
  • B  Tier – Luna, Estelle, Drek’Ar
  • C Tier – Juno

The best goalie according to us will be Dubu who is very underrated. He has the ability to block the maximum attack and also stop the hockey puck. The best striker or forward might be Era because of the magic maelstrom tornado ability, that not only keeps pushing the hockey puck but also deal quite a lot of damage and knockback to the opponent. She also has the Flutter fly ability that gives all your teammates within the radius a massive speed boost that will help with better offense

While there are very limited characters available for now, new updates will come with new characters whose dates have already been revealed. This tier list might get changed due to new characters and their move skills. Also check out our previous guide on training styles, to learn more about the game in depth.

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