Omega Strikers All Styles & Training Styles & Save Training Slots

omega strikers

Omega strikers in similar to air hockey but in this game, you will take up the role of stickers that will push the hockey puck or the goalie that will defend it from going inside the goal. You will play in a team of three that needs to defeat the opponents by striking 5 goals. But this is not just some simple air hockey, your forward or goalie will have a special ability that you need to use in the game perfectly to score some goals. Below you will find more about the character’s styles and training slots that will help you understand forwards and goalies better.

Omega Strikers Styles

Styles are basically the class of characters in this game. There are five different styles available in this game which are:

  • Sniper
  • Speedster
  • Controller
  • Brawler
  • Specialist

Each character in this game is categorized into two classes. Each class has 2 unique training styles. You can keep up to three unique training styles for a character. Below you will find how to save your training styles.

Omega Strikers Trainings Guide

Trainings are strength enhancers that you can equip on a character to make their ability stronger and help you win the game easily. You can keep only save two types of training styles for each character. One training style is for forward and the other one is for a goalie.

Each style has two training styles in this game. Below you will find a full list of all trainings.

  • Rapid Fire – Primary Ability Cooldown Reduced By 12%. Increase to 25% at max level.
  • Ultrascope – Targets at 600+ range are hit 20% harder.
  • Crossover -Strikes grant 35% HASTE for 1.5s
  • Super Surge – Movement abilities hit 20% harder. Dashes and Blinks gain 50% travel range. Hastes are 50% faster.
  • Well Fed – Gain 200max Stagger, plus an additional 100 per power Orb you collect (max 5). At 5 Orbs, gain 10% knockback resistance.
  • Built Different – Gain 35% size and hit 5% harder.
  • Heavy Handed -Hit 8% harder. Increased to 16% for Heavy hits.
  • Tempo Swing – Light / Medium / Heavy hits deal bonus damage equal to 2 / 3 / 4% of your max stagger and heal for 150% of that amount.
  • Extra Special – Special Ability cooldown reduced by 15%. Starting a new round reduces its remaining cooldown by 15s.
  • Cast to Last – Ability Buffs and Hastes cast and received last 75% longer. Ability debuffs you inflict last 75% longer.

Each striker is already categorized into 2 styles. So you need to select the trainings from that styles list only. The third training slot is the prismatic training slot which means, you will be able to equip any training style.

Omega Strikers How To Save Training Slots

As the game is in early access there might be some confusion on how to access your characters and save a training style. To access your character menu, you need need to hover your mouse and click on your name on top of the character head in the main menu.

There you will find the list of characters and at the bottom of the screen, you will be able to save a new slot. You need to select a particular character and save the trainings in the create new slot.

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