Tower Of Fantasy- How To Get Red Nucleus Inside The Truck

Tower Of Fantasy

In Tower Of Fantasy there are Black as well as Gold Nucleus, however, the rarest and most important of them all would be Red Nucleus. While exploring the new Artificial Island, you might have come across two trucks that hold Red Nucleus each. The question is how to enter inside the truck, is there any hidden spot or location through which we can squeeze and dash into? Well, there is but it requires more of a gliding than squeezing.

How To Get Red Nucleus Inside The Truck At Tower Of Fantasy

The easiest way to get inside the truck to obtain Red Nucleus is to find the Portal i.e. linked to it. The Red Portal that both trucks are connected to can be found and accessed from one starting point i.e. Spacrift: Eyrie. Teleport to the top of Base Zero and as shown on the image above, you look in the general direction towards the mark. You will find a floating platform or arena and underneath there would be a Red-Triangular shaped portal. Take these portals which will teleport you inside two of those Truck that holds Red Nucleus. To get out of the truck, there would be a Blue Portal inside.

The two more Red Nucleus can be obtained in Diurnal Islet island after defeating the two monsters i.e. Raging Fire, and Silver Helmet. For more informative guides on, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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