Tower Of Fantasy- Black Shell Exploration Puzzle At Artificial Island

Tower Of FantasyIn Tower Of Fantasy, the new update 1.5 has introduced us to a new region i.e. Artificial Island. On this island there are multiple new Story, Monsters, World Bosses, and Exploration puzzle point that rewards you with Black and Gold Nucleus if solved. In Artificial Island we found that there is a new exploration point puzzle that looks like a hard black shell that has an opening on the top from where you can see an icon that indicates to be pressed. If you are looking to learn how to solve the puzzle, then we have it covered in this guide.

Black Shell New Exploration Puzzle At Artificial Island In Tower Of Fantasy

The dome liked shaped shell has an opening on the top from where you have to throw any type of monster inside. Either lure the nearby monster and bait them to jump on top of the hard black shell or you will find a small round and adorable blue-gray Water Monster that can be lifted. To lift and bring, you will need to clear the monsters before, so that they will not interrupt you while doing such a tedious task.

You can either use your Relic to lift the nearby monster’s footing and let them attack you so that they come on top of the black shell. Later push them via attacking or jump down in the center hoping that they pounce on you to fall inside. Once any heavy object is inside, it will be counted as a solved puzzle point and increase the Exploration Progress.

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