Tower Of Fantasy- How To Get Institute Key Card And Its Use

Tower Of FantasyIn Tower Of Fantasy, the new update and the new Artificial Island have included so many things that it is tough to keep track of. At Mission Terminal, you can check for new achievements that can be completed gradually. If you are looking for the Institute Key or have found one and you are looking to use them, then we have covered everything in this guide.

How To Get Institute Key Card And Its Use At Tower Of Fantasy

We have an achievement to defeat Lazy, Angry, and Bohemian Aberrant who can be found in the Artificial Island. They spawn at random and their spawn rate is low so make sure you are switching channel after channel to find one near the Transmission Gate. Once you get one, defeat these mutated monsters who will drop an Institute Key.

These Institute Keys can be used to activate the Transmission Device that can be used to teleport to the far deserted islands such as North Gemini Island, Island Of Pins, Diurnal Islet, etc. The Transmission Device is located on Stone Mountain. At the edge of the map opposite or corresponding to North Gemini Island, you will find a tent and a Transmission Device not far from it that needs to be powered up. For that, you will need to repair the device with the help of a Tool Set that can be found in the Crystal Dust Store, Fine Gift.

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