Tower Of Fantasy- How To Get And Use Permission Card Damien

Tower Of Fantasy

In Tower Of Fantasy, there are hidden entrances at the Artificial Island where you can access the unreachable islands easily. Even the Ex-Researcher Damien, Morris, and Tyrone who are in a rogue state came and worked in some lab. If you are on a journey to expose and learn all the secrets, we have covered where to get and use the Permission Card: Damien in this guide.

How To Get And Use Permission Card Damien At Tower Of Fantasy

Once you have repaired the device and used the Institue key to open a portal to the isolated islands that surround Artificial Island. You can enter the island and explore to find certain items that can be used to gain access to other islands. At a specific island, you will obtain the Permission Card: Morris to activate the Transmission Device at Island Of Pins.

It will teleport you all the way to Earwayn Island. Explore the island and you will eventually notice a small Water Tower. Use your Relic to climb up on top of the Tower where you will find the Permission Card: Damien placed. Collect it and make your way to the top of the mountain where you can use “The Rapid Repair Device” to repair the conveyor component in order to use the Permission Card: Damien to activate the Transmission Device.

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