Tower Of Fantasy- How To Exit Artificial Island Building Mode

Tower Of FantasyIn Tower Of Fantasy, there is a new building mode where each player has personal access to an Artificial Island. As the name suggests, we have to build a few structures and generate resources in order to exchange them in the store with very limited items. This guide is compiled specifically focusing on Building Mode and how to exit it.

How To Exit Artificial Island Building Mode At Tower Of Fantasy

To enter the Artificial Island Building Mode, all you need is to press the ‘Esc‘ button and access your own personal world. In this, you will notice that there are World Bosses that spawn every week which you need to defeat in order to gain the resources.

The normal resources to build and upgrade the structures can be farmed from the normal enemies. However, the world bosses in build mode have a special currency that cannot be generated via structures and buildings.

How To Purchase

Press the Build Mode again and it will show you the resources and building stats. Claim the daily resources which are generated and exchange them via Exchange Store. There are resources that can be Fused in the Workshop to obtain nice rewards. Which you will obviously check from top to the bottom.

How To Exit

Once all the activity is completed for the day in Build Mode. On the left side of the screen at the top where your Map is placed; On top of the map, you will notice an icon of Exit which is used to exit the Build Mode and return back to the land of reality.

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