disney dreamlight valley unlock prince eric & make vegetarian stew

disney dreamlight valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will find the little mermaid Ariel in your village after completing the Mysterious Wreck¬†quest. Later you will also have to unlock her love prince Eric. You need to complete all the Ariel quests and reach friendship level 10 with her to unlock prince Eric. You also need to get friendship level 10 with Ursula and complete her quest called “A Deal With Ursula“. Below you will find the quest you need to complete to unlock prince and how to make vegetarian stew.

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Unlock Prince Eric

To unlock prince Eric, you need to take the unfortunate soul and give it to Ariel. Then build a house for Eric and then enter the house to find the flute on the table that is very dear to his heart. Bring the flute back to Ariel and give it to her.

Merlin had told Ariel the secret to restoring the unfortunate soul of Eric into Prince Eric by holding the flute picturing Eric and calling his name three times. Once you give the flute to Ariel, you will unlock Prince Eric.

To complete the Unfortunate Prince quest you need to cook three meals and give them to Eric. These meals are:

  • Gazpacho – Zucchini, Tomato, Onion, Oregano
  • Vegetarian Stew
  • Berry Salad – Raspberry, Blueberry, Gooseberry

After feeding Prince Eric, you need to witness Ariel and Eric’s reunion. Then talk with Eric to complete the quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Make Vegetarian Stew

To ingredients required to cook vegetarian stew is:

Mix these three in the cooking pot to get the 3 Star meal, Vegetarian Stew. Potato can be found in the Forgotten lands after unlocking Goofy’s cart and upgrading it twice.

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