Disney Dreamlight Valley Mickey Secret Door Location & Puzzle

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In Disney Dreamlight Valley, there are various secrets that need to be discovered by completing quests. These quests are obtainable from different Disney characters. One such quest you will get from Mickey mouse after reaching friendship level 8 and unlocking Sunlit Plateau is “The Secret Door”. Below you will find the secret door location and how to solve the riddle to open the door.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Mickey Secret Door Location

The secret door shown in the Memory is located inside the castle. After entering the castle you need to look on the right side of the stairs to find four plants in pots. Behind the pots, you will find a purple curtain. Inspect the curtain to find the secret door location. You can find the exact location shown in the image above.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Secret Door Riddle Solution

To open the secret door, you need to put the gemstones on the door as shown in the memory. There will be already a gem in the door and you need to put 4 more gems to unlock the secret door. These gems are:

Once you obtain all four gems, place them on the door to open the secret door. You need to obtain the normal version of these gems, not the shiny ones.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Open Conspicuous Bookshelf

After opening the secret door you need to talk with Mickey to complete the quest. There will be a lot of items inside the chest that you can collect. You will also find a Conspicuous Bookshelf with which you can interact and place an object. On the left side of the bookshelf, you will find a book laying on the ground. Pick up the book and place it on the Conspicuous Bookshelf to open another secret room.

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