Disney Dreamlight Valley Part Of His World Catch Nautilus

disney dreamlight valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will find Ariel with a tail hopping around the water bodies around the village. To make her walk on the ground again with Eric, you need to obtain various different types of resources. You will get a quest from Erc called “Part of His World” that you need to complete and you need to give the Nautilus pendant to Ariel to complete the quest. Below you will find all the quest items you need to obtain and where to find them to complete this quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Part of His World Quest

This quest is obtained from Eric once you unlock him. You need to first talk with Maui and then find three items to craft an item called Shapeshifting Enchantment. This item will help Ariel to transform and walk on the grounds. To craft this item, the items you need are:

Once you gather all the items, visit the crafting station to find the shapeshifting enchantment under the functional items menu. Craft the enchantment and give it to Eric.

Then you need to find Remy to give the fish gut oil and find a few ingredients for the bait. These ingredients are:

  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Lancetfish – Can be found in Forgotten lands, use the fishing rod on the blue ripple.
  • Crab – Can be found in Frosted heights, use the fishing rod on the blue ripple.

Bring back all the ingredients and give them to Remy to craft the bait. Use the Nautilus Bait in your inventory and apply it to the fishing rod.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Catch Nautilus Where River Meet Sea

After crafting the bait you need to visit the Dazzle beach area. On the right side where the two beaches connect with a bridge, you will find a golden ripple. You need to use your fishing rod on the golden ripple to catch the Nautilus. Give the enchantment and Nautilus to Eric who will give you a Nautilus Pendant. Then give the pendant to Ariel to make her walk on the ground. Talk to Eric to complete the Part of His World quest.

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