Disney Dreamlight Valley Memory Magnification Unlock Minnie

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In Disney Dreamlight Valley, to unlock Minnie mouse you need to reach friendship level 8 with Mickey mouse and unlock the biome “Forest Of Valor”. Once you fulfill these criteria, you will obtain a quest from Mickey called “Memory Magnification”. You might have seen Minnie’s shadow appearing and disappearing in the village as she is stuck in a different realm. You need a special item to bring Minnie back. Below you will find how to craft this special item and complete the quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Unlock Minnie

After obtaining the quest, Mickey will hand you an item called “Memory of Minnie” that is required to craft the Dreamlight Magnifier. To craft the item Dreamlight Magnifier the resources you will need are:

  • Memory of Minnie
  • Tinkering Parts 6x
  • Hardwood x2
  • Emerald x1

Once you have obtained all the items, head over to the crating station, and under the functional items menu you will find the Dreamlight Magnifier. After crafting the item, you need to find Minnie in the village. You can open your map to find the Minnie icon.

You need to talk with Minnie, then Mickey, and hand over the Dreamlight Magnifier. After that, you need to build a house for Minnie in the village and you will unlock Minnie’s mouse. Once her house is complete, she will be here in the village and you need to talk to her to complete the quest.

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