Tower Of Fantasy- Lockdown Location Of Type X Patrol Droid

Tower Of Fantasy

In Tower Of Fantasy, we assume that you are aware of the new update and addition of area i.e. Artificial Island if you are in search of the Type X Patrol Droid for the achievement Lockdown. Finding specific areas or monsters in a vast Artificial Island is quite tough so we have compiled a small location guide that will help you with what you are looking for.

Lockdown Location For Type X Patrol Droid At Tower Of Fantasy

The Type X Patrol Droid is a type of patrolling Monster that cannot be found in a single spot. The droid should be patrolling from Mine Base to Rusty Iron Camp at Mount Sandy. The Type X Patrol Droid can be encountered even in the camp so make sure you explore it.

Keeping it simple, if you haven’t discovered or encountered the Type¬† X Patrol Droid; follow the road stretch or path towards Rusty Iron Camp or Mine Base depending on your starting location. Once you find him, initiate the fight and defeat the Level 70 Droid who is resistant to the Volt attacks and complete the achievement Lockdown.

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