Tower Of Fantasy- Location Of Type S12 Security Droid Big Rat

Tower Of FantasyIn Tower Of Fantasy, there are various types of Monsters residing in the newly unlocked Artificial Island. If you are in the mood for speedrunning the Exploration Progress and Achievement Progress, then you have stumbled upon the perfect guide on where you can locate the Type S12 Security Droid Big Rat.

All Location Of Big Rat Type S12 Security Droid At Tower Of Fantasy

These Type S12 Security Droid Big Rat are Monsters who are unique to this World, hence if you defeat one of these, the Achievement and Exploration XP Progress will be awarded. To find these Type S12 Security Droid Big Rat, you will have to go to these marked locations as shown in the image below.

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Tower Of FantasyThere is a Mine Base, Rusty Iron Camp where you will find the Type S12 Security Droid Big Rat. Another camp is located near Ring Arena, where you can find the Type S12 Security Droid Big Rat as shown in the image. At Sea Gate Passage and below Eyrie, you will find an Island Stronghold where there is a chance of finding the Big Rats. They spawn at an hour if they are killed, however instead of waiting for the spawn, simply switch the channel to find them and defeat them.

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