Tower Of Fantasy- Location Of Devourer World Boss

Tower Of FantasyIn Tower Of Fantasy, the new update has added a new Artificial Island area where we can find new World Bosses and party with friends to defeat them. In order to enter Artificial Island, the recommended level is 50. Once you start exploring Artificial Island, you will find that there are World Bosses in the area. This guide focuses on Devourer’s location, elemental stats, and how to defeat him to get the mighty World Boss Chest.

Location Of Devourer And Quick Guide At Tower Of Fantasy

Once you have entered the Artificial Island, it is recommended to explore the areas and perform specific actions in order to increase the Exploration Progress such as defeating the Boss. There are many World Boss that spawns in Artificial Island, if you are searching for one i.e. Devourer then all you need to do is visit the area Ring Arena.

Apparently, World Bosses spawn after an hour when they are defeated. If you arrive at Ring Arena and find the arena empty, then instead of waiting for an hour; change the channels. Once you are ready to fight the Mecha Toad Boss “Devourer“, form a party of 6 or more and it must consist of one healer as you can’t take him lightly or you will be punished hard.

Devourer has an Elemental Resistance of Ice Shell/Frost and weak against Volt/Lightning element. Volt characters and combat-based Relics to help you in the fight against Devourer and it is recommended to cook food before any battle or huge expedition. Once you defeat Devourer, open World Boss Chest and collect many useful rewards.

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