Disney Dreamlight Valley Unknown Flavor Turn Shard Into Powder

disney dreamlight valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a sim game where you can meet various different Disney characters. These characters will give different types of quests, based on the certain criteria that you need to fulfill. Most of the time these criteria will be basic which is just to increase the friendship level, but once you reach a higher friendship level, you need to unlock certain biomes or characters to get quests from them. Below you will find one such quest

Disney Dreamlight Valley Unknown Flavor Quest

The Unknown Flavor quest is a level 10 friendship quest for Remy. In this quest, you need to first ask Merlin for help. You need to find one of his notes in his house, that you will find on the bookshelves. After that, you need to craft a 3x Purified Night shard and then turn them into powder.

After obtaining the purified night shard powder, you need to find 15x snowballs. To find the snowballs you need to break the big ice rocks. Once you find all the snowballs, craft the Ice slush from the crafting station and bring it to Remy.

Then he will ask you to make a bowl of Vanilla Ice cream, which you need to cook using the recipe from the inventory. Once you have made the ice cream, give it to Remy to complete the quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Turn Purified Night Shard Into Powder

To turn the purified night shards into powder, you will need to find Wall-E. Once you find Wall-E you will have an option to give the purified night shard and ask a favor to turn the shards into powder.

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