Disney Dreamlight Valley The Ancient Doorway Place Stone Slab

disney dreamlight valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, the village and the castle are covered in the night thorns, and you the magical savior will free the village from them. Restore the village once again to its glory and invite all the characters to live with you. One such character you will meet in this game is Ariel. You need to increase your friendship level to obtain a quest called “The Ancient Doorway”. Below you will find how to complete this quest and where to place the stone slab.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Ancient Doorway Quest

The first part of this quest is just roaming around the village and talking with various characters. First, you need to talk to Merlin to find out about the stone slab, then talk to Ariel. After that, you need to ask Remy about his passions and Moana about excitement. The final character you need to talk to is Ursula about anger and then find a place to place the stone slab in the mystical cave.

Once you place the slab, the secret door will open and you will obtain the mystical crystal. After that you need to meet Ariel in her house, if she is not inside the house, you can interact with her and select the option “Let’s go see your House”. Give the mystical crystal to Ariel to complete the quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Place Stone Slab In Mystical Cave

This is the same mystical cave that you might have already unlocked using Ursula’s crystal key. You can find the cave on Dazzle beach. If you have completed Mother Gothels quests, you might have already placed the torches near the statue.

Beside the same statue on the right side, you will find a wall. Place the stone slab on that sculpted wall to open the secret door.

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