Disney Dreamlight Valley Break Large Ice & Veil of Freezing Water

disney dreamlight valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, frosted heights are one of the biomes, that you will unlock later in the game by spending a lot of Dreamlight. In this biome, you will encounter various ice blocks. To break the big ice blocks in this biome, you need to obtain a quest from Elsa. Below you will find which quest to complete and how to break big ice blocks.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Break Large Ice Blocks

To break the large ice rocks, you need to first invite Elsa to your village, build a house for her and increase your friendship level to 6. After completing some of her quests, you will obtain one called “The Singing Ice”. In this quest, you need to meet Elsa inside the ice cavern.

There after interacting with Elsa you need to gather three items for her to craft the Icy Bouquet. These items are:

  • White Daisy – Can be found in the peaceful meadows.
  • Red Falling Penstemon – Can be found in the Plaza area.
  • Pink Brameliad – Can be found in the Sunlit Plateau.

After gathering all the flowers, bring them back to Elsa so that she can craft the Icy Bouquet. Now to cast a spell that will help you break the big ice, you need to gather four items which are:

  • Ice Chunks
  • Icy Bouquet
  • Vial Of Freezing Water
  • Snow

Ice chunks can be found laying on the ground inside the Ice Cavern. After obtaining all the items, you need to craft the “Cold of Winter Potion” from the crafting station under the potion & enchantment menu. Bring the potion back to Elsa and after that, you need to break the big ice blocks.

Breaking the ice block will drop you an orange crest that you need to place on the sculpted wall inside the ice cavern. After that interact with Elsa to complete “The Singing Ice” quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Where To Find Vial Of Freezing Water

To find the Vial Of Freezing Water, you need to visit the middle pond area of the frosted height. Near the pond, you will find some glowing sparkle that you need to interact with to obtain this item.

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