Disney Dreamlight Valley A Deal With Ursula Find All Crystals

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In Disney Dreamlight Valley, to know about Prince Eric and unlock him, you need to increase your friendship level with Ursula. Once you reach the maximum friendship level, Ursula will tell you a secret that will help you to bring back Eric. Prince Eric is being kept as a guest in the garden of Unfortunate souls and Ursula will free him, if you help her complete a quest. Below you will find how to complete Ursula’s quest, and find all the crystals.

Disney Dreamlight Valley A Deal With Ursula Quest

You will unlock this quest, once you reach friendship level 10 with Ursula. To complete this quest you need to visit the Forgotten Lands. Near the well in Forgotten lands, you will find a pond, behind the pond you will find a pedestal from which you need to pick a dark crystal.

After that, you need to find three more dark crystals scattered across the village and other biomes. Below you will find their location. Once you find all the dark crystals, go to the forgotten lands and place them on the pedestal. After that behind you, a crystal of power will be laying on the ground that you need to pick and give to Ursula to complete the quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley All Dark Crystals Locations

1st Dark Crystal

The first Crystal is located in the forgotten lands, on the pedestal that you have already picked up.

2nd Dark Crystal

The second crystal is located in the Glade of Trust. Near Mother Gothel’s house door on the right side.

3rd Dark Crystal

The third crystal can be found in the Sunlit Plateau on the other side near the pond. You can visit the other side of the Sunlit Plateau from the forgotten lands or move the well to the other side.

4th Dark Crystal

The final crystal is located in Frosted Heights on the top side of the river.

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    • Aces McGee

      Same issue as you Danny, may be a new glitch? Bummed as I got every other quest done and every character except Eric to 10 (since I don’t have him yet)

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