The Wandering Village- How To Stop Harvesting

The Wandering Village

In The Wandering Village or any city-simulation game, we sometimes make a decision in haste that affect our economy and growth to which we are punished later. Similarly, it was never an option to assign all the workers/villagers to a single resource as we will have a shortage of other available resources. It is a common practice to assign a bunch of villagers to work equally on structural projects, resource harvestings, material gathering, etc. However, if you have assigned all of the villagers to complete harvesting resources and want to stop and assign them to other projects then we have it covered in this guide.

How To Stop Harvesting At The Wandering Village

At the bottom of your screen, you will find many commands. Harvest Tool is one of such command that assigns a task to all unemployed or idle villagers to complete the work. To improvise, you can assign villagers to specific huts or workstations to grow or produce various resources.

You will notice that there are fewer unemployed villagers and it is a perfect way to distribute all the work. However, when we are still early in the game we made an error where we send out all the villagers to harvest materials.

To stop all of them to work on harvesting, click on the Harvest Tool option, you will find Remove Harvest Task at the left-most part. Simply click on it and select which resources you want to remove from the queue which will allow you to stop harvesting the selected resource.

It is better to prioritize the work whenever needed. For more informative guides on The Wandering Village, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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