The Wandering Village- How To Give Onbu Commands

The Wandering VillageIn The Wandering Village, Onbu is a living creature whose back is rented out to create a village to sustain and grow a settlement. Onbu has no leash and wanders around, eating, and sleeping at his own pace. Under Research Tree, you can find a section for Onbu that allows you to command him to perform specific tasks. To learn how to give commands and get all the knowledge for the research, we have it covered in this guide.

How To Give Onbu Commands At The Wandering Village

Keeping healthy and Onbu happy is an important part of your survival for obvious reasons. However, you can’t just simply stay at his back and travel around the world without scavenging the World of what’s left. There are so many features that you can unlock and start commanding Onbu for both of your benefits.

The first building you need is Hornblower to direct which direction to select in the Crossroads. The next thing you need is a Scavenger Hut built to let your scavengers get off from the back of Onbu and collect resources in the World. Most importantly, if you see Shrine; do not hesitate to let your villagers scavenge as they provide us Knowledge.

Knowledge can be used to unlock more Onbu Skill Tree, where we can command him to Eat, and Sleep. He will eat and sleep at certain spots on the way which can be viewed on World Map but most importantly keep the stats in check in order to not let him Poisoned, Sleepy, and Hungry.

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