Wandering Village- How To Make Herbs Medicine

The Wandering VillageThe Wandering Village is a city-building simulation game where we begin our journey on the back of Onbu and travel the world along with him. In our way, we will find new followers and sometimes uncalled calamities. However, the biggest threat is to cure your villagers who are poisoned or deadly poisoned. To learn how to make herbs and cure the villagers from poison then we have it covered in this guide.

How To Make Herbs Medicine In Wandering Village

The kitchen is a basic building which after research opens a lot of structures and possibly we are looking for Village Doctor if we want to cure our troubled citizens. However, the Village Doctor requires Herb to cure a villager who is affected by the poison.

Herbs can be farmed once you construct Herbalist (found in the Poison section) which will be unlocked from the beginning. However, there is no use of Herbs unless you unlock the Village Doctor. To grow Herbs, you will need to construct the Herbalist in grass soil. Plot the area you want to grow Herbs, and assign workers to work in the Herbalist building.

The workers assigned will plant and the Village Doctors will pick up the harvested Herbs into their clinic to heal those who are in need. Construct connecting Dirt Roads to increase the speed and accessibility of the villagers. For more informative guides on Wandering Village, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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