The Wandering Village- How To Increase Your Population

The Wandering Village

The Wandering Village is a new city simulation game where we are literally on an adventure trip every single day after borrowing Onbu’s back. The movable civilization has many advantages; one will be to gather new villagers to increase your population and decrease the workload. In this guide, we have covered every way in which you can look for more villagers and recruit them for your village to prosper.

How To Increase Your Population At The Wandering Village

First and foremost the easiest way to gather more villagers or so-called Nomads would be when Onbu crosses paths with them. Onbu has a linear path, it sometimes encounters a crossroads during its journey which you can look at and inspect after changing the view to the World Map.

You can look at the World Map and check whether there are any groups of Nomads waiting to board. It is necessary to research and construct Hornblower as quickly as possible to select the path for Onbu. Next, you will need a Scavenger Hut to send your villagers into a scavenging hunt and expedition. You must have watched on the left and right side of Onbu that there are various resources that can be obtained with the help of trained scavengers.

Send your party to scavenge and look in the Settlement where you can find more new Settlers who can join your village. For more informative guides on The Wandering Village, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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