Disney Dreamlight Valley Missing Prince Search Statue Location

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In Disney Dreamlight Valley, after unlocking Ariel Disney’s character and increasing your friendship level, you will get to know about another Disney character called “Eric”. You will get two quests, that you need to complete in order to unlock him. This quest is called “The Missing Prince” in which you need to perform various tasks for Ariel to complete the quest. Below you will find how to complete the “The Missing Prince” quest and find the statue’s location.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Missing Prince

To obtain this quest, you need to unlock Kristoff, Maui, and Donald Duck. You need to have Ariel friendship level 3 and should unlock Glade of Trust. Once you have fulfilled these criteria you will obtain this quest.

You need to ask three characters about Eric and these characters are Merlin, Maui, and Kristoff. After that, you need to visit Kristoff’s house to find the expedition records that will present on top of the table. Bring these records to Kristoff.

Then you need to search for clues near Skull Rock on Dazzle Beach. Reach the area shown in the image above to find the clue.

Disney Dreamlight Valley All Statue Location

Search Kristoff’s house for the statue piece, you need to visit the library area and find the statue beside the shelf. For the second statute, you need to ask about the statute to Donald. Then head over to Glade of Trust and visit the location marked above There you need to dig the ground to find the second statue.

For the third statue piece, you need to talk to Scrooge, after that you need to find 5 Peridot for Scrooge in exchange for a statue piece. After that you need to visit Ariel and tell her about all the pieces that you have gathered, then fix the statue using the crafting station.

Then place the statue near the base of the big staircase on Dazzle Beach, as shown in the image below. After that pick up the memory and interact with Ariel to complete the quest.

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