Disney Dreamlight Valley Duplicate Your House Storage Chest

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In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will find various different kinds of items to gather and keep in your inventory. The first problem you might encounter in this game is the storage problem. As there are lots of items to gather and use these items to craft. You need a lot of storage space to keep these items. The best way to store these items is by crafting a chest. Below you will find how to craft a chest and duplicate storage chest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Duplicate Storage Chest

To duplicate your storage chest, first, you need to build one using the crafting station. To build a storage chest, the resources required are:

  • Softwood 25x
  • Stone 25x

After crafting a storage chest, you need to put some items inside the chest and keep the chest inside your house. Now use the furniture option to remove the chest using the middle mouse button. Doing this will add the chest to your furniture menu.

Now you need to visit Uncle Scrooge McDuck and interact with him. You need to select the “I would like to order some items”. There you need to select the furniture option and you can find the storage option. Make sure you only buy 2-3 of this storage chest.

These chest doesn’t give you extra storage space but rather share the same storage space between them. For example, if you have some dream shards in your storage chest, the chest that you buy from Scrooge will also contain that many amounts of Dream shards. If you spend the Dream shard from the first storage space, the amount from the second storage space will also deplete.

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