TemTem How To Fast Travel & All Travel Locations


TemTem is an adventure game that takes place all over the Airborne Archipelago area. Players can go to a variety of islands to gather new creatures, complete quests, and visit dojos. If you don’t have any assistance, though, it can take an eternity to change locations. This vast poke Inspiron world has a lot more to offer than in its total course. Once you’ve seen the majority of an expansive open area like Temtem, you’ll need a quick means to navigate around. And we could definitely get it, that trainers would be expecting a ride along with the Temtem, But it has some significant changes that give the game its better edge.

TemTem What is fast travel?

The game offers several options to speed up your character’s movement. You can find unique Smoke Bombs, airships, and mounts that are able to teleport you to the most recent Temporium. However, Fast Travel is the most convenient of all of these functions.

In Temtem you can teleport to different locations, in a blink. So advancing through the game is now more rapid. As you explore Cipanku Island and finish a specific side quest, you can get this new skill. We’ll detail the precise actions you need to take in Temtem to unlock the Teleport skill.

Temtem How to access fast travel

Fast Travel is an exceptionally helpful feature that enables you to travel quickly between different regions. You must purchase a Matter-Transfer Drone to use this feature. You can teleport between specific locations that are signal-marked using this device. You have to finish particular tasks to unlock Matter-Transfer Drone. You need to finish this task, which is termed Refrigerated Vanishings, and the list of steps is provided below.

Discuss the disappearing refrigerator with Miku and Mayu at Miyako Village. Talk to Neodo about the missing refrigerator. Speak with Satoko and request the teleporter from her. You’ll be asked a few questions by Satoko, and you’ll need to select one of the following responses from the top, middle, and bottom. You can access Fast Travel after speaking with Satoko and persuading her to offer you the teleporter.

Fast travel locations

We have tried to segregate the teleport points according to the respective island so that it’s easier
To locate them and teleport.

There are a total of seven matter transport point locations on Deniz Island. Except for the initial site, each teleport will cost you 500 Pansun for every journey.

  • Arisolla: It is situated in the docking area for the Airship.
  • Zadar: Outside of Aina’s residence in Zadar, this point is visible.
  • Mar Brical: It would be found next to the Temporium’s entrance.
  • Fort Windward: Outside Windward Fort, right near the TemStop.
  • Turquesa: You can discover this point in Turquesa outside the Temporium.
  • Saipark: It is close to the Saipark TemStop.
  • Dabmi’s rest: Enter the cave at Aguamarina. You can locate a rock face there that you must scale in order to reach Dabmis’ Rest.
  • Denizian dojo park: It is located in the northernmost region, close to the Sillaro River.
Omninesia island

We could trace out a total of 8 teleport points on the island, we hope the locations listed below will help you.

  • Nanga: It’s close to the Airship in that region. Teleporting costs no Pansuns.
  • Mokupuni: Mokupuni’s TemStop is nearby.
  • Anak Caldera: In Anak Caldera, it is situated just close to the TemStop.
  • Giant Banyan: This Transfer Point is located close to the Giant Banyan’s entrance.
  • Atoll Street: In Atoll Road, beside the real estate agent.
  • Omninesian Dojo Park: You may find this teleporter at The Hang road Breeding Facility
  • In the Altar of The Inner Flame: At the Anak Volcano
Tucma Island
  • Quetzal: Opposite the Airship. The cost of teleporting here is 0 Pansuns.
  • Crater of Nahua: It is located close to the TemStop just before the Nahua Crater POI entrance.
  • Xolot Reservoir: It can be found in the Xolot Reservoir laboratory camp.
  • Bandit Hideout: On top of the tower in the Bandit Hideout is where you’ll find this Matter Transfer Point.
  • Dojo park: You will find it in the old city of Amethyst Barrensold at which Dojo park is situated.
  • Properton: located adjacent to the airship in the southwest portion of the area.
  • Lochburg: The teleporter can be located in Lochburg’s town square, adjacent to the park’s fountain.
  • Telobos ruins: According to the map, this matter transfer site is located in the middle of the Telobos Ruins.
  • Castle Braeside: The teleport point is located inside the castle’s market.
  • Principal’s Barrow: The quick travel location lies immediately ahead of the fields on your left as you arrive in the field.
  • Miyako Village: It may be located close to Pilgrim’s Supplies on the path that leads into the settlement.
  • Ryokan: It can be found inside the Hashimoto Ryokan structure.
  • Sacred Lake: It is located on the island that lies in the center of Sacred Lake.
  • Dojo Cipanki Club: situated in the northeastern part of Cipanku. The Dojo with the teleporter within is located across from the Pillars of Highabove.
  • Miyako Temple: Alongside the High Priest, it is located inside the temple.
  • Kami Shrine: It’s necessary to finish the Angry Kami task. You now have access to both the teleport point and the shrine.
  • Uhuru: The Airship dock is where you can find it.
  • Nursing Home: can be discovered at the Nuru Lodge’s south entrance.
  • Vumbi: situated in Vumbi outside the Temporium.
  • Upinzani: present at Upinzani adjacent to the TemStop.
  • Aisha’s Hearth: Chini Grotto is the location of this Fast transit stop.
  • Tasa Desert: It is situated in the center of the Tasa Desert close to the TemStop.
  • Kisiwan Dojo Park: In the Tasa Desert’s Kisiwan Dojo park, there is a teleporter.

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