NBA 2K23- How To Earn VC Coins Fast All Methods

NBA 2K23In NBA 2K23, the amount of grind and VC earning is very slow which is sometimes too frustrating. All the important features such as OVR or Attributes can be upgraded by investing VC coins. Bored of the same attire or piece of clothing then you need to earn more VC. If you want to know tricks and ways to earn VC quickly without any micro-transaction, then we have covered everything in this guide.

How To Earn VC Coins Fast At NBA 2K23

Play MyCareer games in the highest difficulty which is “Hall Of Fame“. There is a Coin multiplier set for each difficulty that can be viewed in Options. Starting off the game, you will need to perform much better as you will have less time on the court where you have to earn as many points or have better stats as you can. The 1.6 multiplier is not much but it will get much better when you progress through your Career.

Move into your affiliated area to check for Daily Rewards which is Free VC and resets every day.

Ante-Up is a most controversial area where you might win or lose heavy chunks of VC. The part where you have a chance to get a Jackpot after every win just hooks us up and we remind you the Jackpot amount is no joke.

Complete Quests for Endorsement and once you have unlocked Endorsement or Brands, you can grab VC’s.

Under Quests Menu, you can find your number of quests and what are they rewarding for completion. Under Sides, you can complete Daily and Weekly quests first as they have a timer and resets after the countdown.

Under The City Menu, PRO-AM 3v3; you can earn enough VC per win while enjoying the competitive rank match.

Check Daily PICK ‘EM, when the new NBA season starts. Every correct prediction will earn you VC.

Participate in open court matches or play in Park. However, the amount of VC earned is very low compared to other methods.

Quit to Main Menu, and if your Basketball Trivia is strong then go to 2KTV and answer correctly to bag you a few extra VC’s.

Play Blacktops where you can practice your moves and earn VC.

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