NBA 2K23- How To Dunk And Use Dunk Meter

NBA 2K23In NBA 2K23, the flashiest part of the game is ball handling and dunks or poster dunks to score over the biggest and toughest Center possible. To make the dunk more challenging and satisfying to score, the dunk meter is added. To perform a dunk is already tough enough and for all the newcomers it has been a hurdle that they cannot overcome easily. To constantly score like a dunk master, you will need to look out for a few things.

How To Dunk And Use Dunk Meter In NBA 2K23

Similar to Jump Shots or Free Shots, the accuracy is measured from your timing to successfully fill up the meter bar shown beside the player who is in action. There are certain thresholds i.e. the dunker has to successfully build in order to dunk successfully meter dunk maximum time.

The success rate of the dunk matters when there are tough defenders. You will find the difference when you practice alone vs practicing against a defender. The Dunk meter is also utilized in performing successful Alley-Oops.

Note: Up and Down directional input is performed on Right Analog Stick

Dunk Meter pops out when you perform a signature dunk or flashy dunk. The input would be Hold R2 + Down (Flick while sprinting to enter the Dunking stance)+ Hold Down and release when the bar is filled or the marker is reached.

Similarly, there is another flashy dunk i.e. you can perform after inputting; Hold R2 + Flick Up + Hold Down and release when the bar is filled. Ending the input with the Down button will release their signature or flashy moves they have stored in their arsenal.

It will require practice as it is not easy, but it is worth it to awe your friends and show dominance over your opponents. To make it worse you can hold onto the rim for a little longer to taunt them and make a fast break that can be intercepted. For more informative guides on NBA 2K23, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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