NBA 2K23- How To Dunk And Hang On The Rim For Long

NBA 2K23In NBA 2K23 or at any NBA game, dunks had been the flashiest shots a player can make. Each player has their signature dunks in their arsenal. However, new tech has been introduced in NBA 2K23 where players can hang onto the rim for a longer duration and assert dominance in the sky, and look down on their opponent. So, if you are curious about how to perform one of such disrespectful dunks or act then you are at the perfect place. Let’s get into it!

How To Dunk And Hang On The Rim For Too Long At NBA 2K23

Seemingly, you should know how to perform proper dunks, and assuming you know the controls we have this guide compiled. So to hang onto the rim, you will need to hold the Sprint button and the Right Analog-stick which is to perform a dunk. Next, once your player performs a dunk, hold your Sprint button infinitely to not let go of the rim.

To add a bit of flair, you can use Left Analog Stick to squirm while still holding the Sprint button. However, make sure that you do not overstretch it as you can get Technical Fouls for toxic behavior. For a bit, you can hold on to the Rim and that can be considered as a showoff or a celebration for scoring, however, it gets disrespectful and daunting as long as you stay in the air.

Once you get the Technical Foul, the opponent will get a Free Shot and the possession of the ball to have more chance of scoring. You can practice the timing as the time frame or window to get the call for Technical Foul is 6 seconds. So, you have your sweet 4-5 seconds to grab the rim and celebrate the dunk on your opponent’s face.

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