NBA 2K23- How To Create And Equip Custom Shoes

NBA 2K23Where we take pride in our basketball skills and cool fashion styles, NBA 2K23 delivers us a new surprise where we can customize the basketball shoes of your choice and can be equipped. For those who are curious to learn how to create a custom shoe and how to obtain it, we have this guide just for you all.

How To Create And Equip Custom Shoes At NBA 2K23

In order to create Custom Shoes for yourself, follow the instruction i.e.

Next Gen/ Current Gen
  • Select Options/Features
  • Select Shoe Creator
  • Select the Brand you want to work out.
  • Select Edit
  • Select the Shoe Edition you want to customize.
  • At Shoe Creator, customize your Shoe.
  • Save The Shoe Design and Name it.
  • Load into MyCareer
  • Visit the same store or shop in the City to purchase Custom made shoes. Example- Nike Store if made custom made Nike Shoes.
  • Select Colorways and purchase your customized shoe which will be listed.

To equip your purchased custom shoe, you can go to the MyPlayer section at Menu and select Clothes where you will find your shoes at the section. Equip it and go showcase your cool sneaker in the City.

For more informative guides on NBA 2K23, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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