Disney Dreamlight Valley- Lost Loves And Missing Memories Quest

disney dreamlight valleyIn Disney Dreamlight Valley, we are on a mission to save the Dreamlight Valley and bring back all the memories in the hope to bring all the citizens together and live happily. However, the curse has something else in the store and fast forwarding the run we are here to learn what you are going to do in order to complete one of Anna’s quests i.e. “Lost Loves And Missing Memories“.

Lost Loves And Missing Memories Quest At Disney Dreamlight Valley

The “Lost Loves and Missing Memories” quest requires you to complete multiple requests that have little to no difficulties. After having a conversation with Anna, you will need to look for Kristoff’s Climbing Gear on Dazzle Beach which will be found near Ursula’s Cave.

Once you bring back the Kristoff’s Climbing Gear to Anna, she will let you run for an errand where you have to gather these materials:

  • Hardwood (x8)
  • Fabric (x5)
  • Rope (x3)
  • Iron Ingot (x3)

To obtain Fabric, you can purchase Cotton Seed from the Goofy’s shop at Sunlit Plateau. Grow it back to your farm to harvest the Cotton that can be crafted into Fabrics. Remember to Craft a Fabric, you will need 5 pieces of cotton. Once all the resources are gathered, repair Kristoff’s Climbing Gear at a crafting station and deliver it back to Anna which will complete the quest.

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  1. Sophia

    So Anna hasn’t gone and spoken to Kristoff after I finished repairing the gear. Quest just looks kinda stuck? Is there any way to re-trigger the conversation between Anna and Kristoff that ends the quest and progresses things?

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