Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Get Gold Nuggets & Gold Ingots

disney dreamlight valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, there are various different types of minerals and gems you can obtain by mining. These resources are sometimes used to craft various different items. Also, these items can be used to complete certain quests. If you have unlocked the Glade of Trust or Forest of Valor, you might already obtain some Iron Ore. Using these Iron Ore you will be able to craft Iron Ingot. By unlocking other biomes, you will also unlock new resources that can be obtained only in those biomes. Below you will find how to get gold nuggets and how to get gold ingots.

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Get Gold Nuggets

Gold Nuggets can be obtained only after you unlock the biomes containing them. These biomes are:

  • Frosted Heights
  • Sunlit Plateau
  • Forgotten Lands

Once you unlock these biomes using Dreamlight, you just have to mine the black rocks present on the cliffs. These rocks get replenished after a few minutes, so you can again come back to try your luck. As gold nuggets are one of the rarest minerals in the game, you might have to break a lot of rocks to obtain a few. Just like you obtain any other minerals gold nuggets can be found in these biomes.

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Get Gold Ingots

To get gold ingots, you need two different resources which are gold nuggets and coal ore. Coal can be found everywhere in the game and gold nuggets in the biomes shown above. To craft one gold ingot, you will need 5x gold nuggets and 1x coal ore. Once you have these resources head over to the crafting station and there you can craft gold ingot.

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