Disney Dreamlight Valley Fishy Dispute Find The Memory Location

disney dreamlight valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, there are various quests you will obtain from a lot of Disney characters after building a house for them in the village. After that, you need to meet certain criteria to unlock a biome or increase your friendship level to unlock various quests. Donald duck can be found in the Dark Grove whom you need to help and then invite into the village. Below you will find one such quest of Donald Duck

Disney Dreamlight Valley Fishy Dispute Quest

After completing a few of Donald Duck’s quests, you will obtain another quest called “Fishy Dispute”. In this quest, Donald asks you to catch 10x fish from the ocean. You need to visit Dazzle beach and use your fishing rod to catch 10 fish. After that, Donald will show you the last known location of the catfish.

You need to visit that location and use your fishing rod on the golden ripple. There you will find a time capsule, inside which you will find a memory. To continue to quest, you need to find the location shown in the memory that is located in the Sunlit Plateau.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Find The Memory Location In Sunlit Plateau

Check out the above image to find the exact location shown in the memory. Once you reach the location you will find another time capsule best the big spine bone. Hand over the other time capsule to Donald to complete the quest. You might have to dig the ground to find the time capsule.

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