Splatoon 3- How To Level Up Fast

Splatoon 3In Splatoon 3 where new contents are hidden and locked behind the player XP level, one would want to level up quickly and unlock to access them all. It ranges from tickets to accessories which also includes Stores that unlock at certain levels as well as gears and weapons. This guide covers all the important ways through which you can level up fast your player level.

How To Level Up Fast At Splatoon 3

The first thing we need to make clear is that you can’t obtain tons of experience points in a single go. Their needs grinding and the best way to earn maximum XP would be Rainmaker rounds as the rounds are comparatively small. Even Knockouts grant 2500 XP which is decent.

Apart from that if you can play Anarchy Battle, then go for it. If you win the Battle and depending on your performance, you are grabbing lots of experience from the get-go. Most of the time players forget that there are foods that can be bought from the general store using tickets. Select the new effects such as doubles the battle XP considering we are here to learn leveling up fast.

There are effects or buff that apply to the whole team, so if your team or friends has Double Battle XP; they can use it so all the party members can get benefit from it. PvP generates the highest XP points as you rumble against the OG’s of Splatoon 3, even if you lose; you are learning skills after experiencing first hand as they dominate. It’s a win-win situation, however, winning is only an option to gain more XP because who provides more XP on losing?

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