Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Get Onion & Garlic

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In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will come across ingredients onions and garlic at the later stage of the game. You need to unlock other biomes to be able to obtain these resources. Below you will find where to find onion, onion seeds, and garlic.

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Get Onion & Onion Seeds

The first time you will find onion in this game is when you will visit Remy Realm. But you can’t bring those to your village. Onions are used to cook various different kinds of meals in this game. To complete a few of the quests you will need onion. Onions can be found in one place which is the Forest of Valor.

In Forest of Valor, you need to unlock the Goofy’s cart and upgrade it once to find onions. Now, these onions are too costly and to buy one you will need 255 coins. Every time you want to cook a dish that needs onions will cost you 255 coins. To avoid spending this much, you need to upgrade Goofy’s cart once more and now you will be able to buy onion seeds for 50 coins. Plant these seeds on your farm and harvest the onions.

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Get Garlic

To get garlic in this game, players first need to unlock the Forest of Valor area. There you need to find a green color plant with only one stem with few leaves on it. You need to directly harvest them from the ground and you will get garlic. Garlic is one of the ingredients that is required to complete Ursula’s quest in which you have to make a Lobster Roll. You can check out the image above to find the exact plant you need to harvest in the Forest.

2 Replies to “Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Get Onion & Garlic”

  1. Helen

    No onions in forest of valor i upgraded the cart as stated but there’s no onions there or seeds. Not on ps5 any way.

    • Hikari

      As the game time is synced with real-time, Goofy’s cart items reset every day. So you can try some other day to find onion.

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