Disney Dreamlight Valley Breaking The Ice Vial Of Ocean Water

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In Disney Dreamlight Valley, “Breaking the Ice” is one of the quests you will obtain from Elsa after completing her realm quest and inviting her to the village by building a house and increasing her friendship level. In this quest you need to obtain five different types of resources which are:

You can check out our previous posts on how to find sugarcane and garlic. To find lemons, you need to unlock the area Glade of Trust. There you can harvest the lemons directly from the trees. Sunflowers can be found on Dazzle beach. Below you will find the most important item you need to complete the quest Vial of Ocean Water.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Where To Find Vial Of Ocean Water Location

A vial of ocean water is only a quest item that is specifically available at one part of the map when you activate the quest. To find the Vial of ocean water you need to visit Dazzle beach. Go to the location marked in the above image near the shore and you will see some sparkling light. There you need to interact with the sparkling light to find the Vial.

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Break The Ice To Enter Cave

Once you find all the items to craft the Warmth of the summer potion, interact with your crafting station to craft the potion. It will be under the potion and enchantment menu. After crafting the potion, give it to Elsa and you will be able to break the ice to enter the cavern.

Clear the ice blocks and follow Elsa to explore the cavern. There you will find a Blue Crest that you need to place on the sculpted wall to complete the quest.

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