Disney Dreamlight Valley my kingdom for a scroll find chest & key

disney dreamlight valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will receive various quests from different Disney characters once you unlock them and invite them to your village. Increase your friendship level and they will have a few requests that you need to complete. One such quest you will get from Mother Gothel, in which she will need the Sun Scroll that is in the possession of Scrooge McDuck. You need to craft a Micberry tree and place it in front of the Scrooge shop to obtain the Sun Scroll. Below you will find how to complete the quest and find the hidden chest and key.

Disney Dreamlight Valley My Kingdom For A Scroll Quest Guide

In “My Kingdom For A Scroll” quest, Mother Gothel needs a scroll that is available to Scrooge. You need to first find a few resources called Softwood, soil, and an electronic component from Wall-E home. After that, you need to craft a Micberry Tree from the crafting station using the resources, you just have collected. Then once you are outside the house, open your furniture menu and place the Micberry tree in front of Scrooge Shop.

After that, you need to find Goofy and talk with him and then head over to Glade to find Mother Gothel. Interact with Mother Gothel and she will give you the subquest to find Scrooge’s chest and key that is located on the Glade and the Beach. Once you find these two items and give them to Mother Gothel the quest will be completed. Below you will find where to get the chest and how to find the key.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Where To Find Chest In Beach

To find the chest you need to head to the beach area to the entrance of the mystical cave. You can check out the image above to find the exact location. There you need to find bumpy ground with sparkling light coming out of it. You need to use your shovel to dig the ground to find the treasure chest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Where To Find Key In Glade

To find the hidden key in the Glade area, you need to head over to the location marked above. There you need to use your fishing rod and aim at the golden ripple. There you will find the key that you need to bring to Mother Gothel to complete the quest.

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