Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Make Birthday Cake

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In Disney Dreamlight Valley, there are more than 160 meals you can cook using various ingredients that are available in different biomes. Some of these ingredients can be grown using their seeds. While some you get by plucking directly from the tree. The remaining ingredients can be bought using Goofy’s Cart or Remy restaurant. To cook these meals, you will need a recipe as to what ingredients to add while making them.

These recipe books can be obtained by completing quests or digging around the village. You can cook a meal by guessing the correct ingredients even if you haven’t unlocked the recipe yet. So you can do some experiments while cooking in this game to find various different foods. Everybody loves dessert, and one dessert that is special to all of us is a Birthday Cake. Below you will find a brief guide on how to make them and what ingredients you will need to make them.

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Make Birthday Cake

To make the birthday cake you need 5 ingredients in this game which are:

Eggs and Butter can be found in Remy’s restaurant, to unlock this restaurant, you need to visit Remy’s realm and complete all the quests given by him. After that invite him to the village and increase your friendship level.

You can check out our previous post on where to find Sugarcane. Cocoa Bean can be found in trees in the Glade of Trust.

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