Disney Dreamlight Valley Advance Tips To Make The Game Easier

disney dreamlight valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley is the latest simulation adventure game developed by Gameloft. This game has a lot of features like farming, cooking, decorating, and completing quests for various Disney characters. There are some ways that you can follow to make your exploration and game-playing experience smoother. Below you will find some tips that will make your gameplay more exciting.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Advance Tips

A few of the advanced tips that will help you play the game easier and obtain resources faster are:

  1. You can teleport directly into the realm by opening your map and clicking on the castle.
  2. To access the other half of the Glade, you can either upgrade your watering can or use the easy method to move the teleport well.
  3. You can open the map and click on any character and they will be marked with a light showing you the path to them. Use this technique to find Ursula and  Ariel as they keep hopping between ponds and the ocean.
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  5. To find resources in the various biomes, you actually don’t have to visit the biomes, you can open the furniture menu, and hover around the village and other biomes to find resources. You can even zoom in to find mushrooms and wood locations.
  6. To get softwood and hardwood, you can visit the furniture menu, and scroll down to find trees under landscaping. From there you can plant trees in the village in rows and they will drop more wood for you. To get hardwood you can plant the Fir trees in the Forest of Valor and Glade of Trust area.
  7. In this game, your action cost stamina and you have a stamina bar in blue color on the top left side of the screen. You need to eat food to increase your stamina or rest in your home. Eating a cooked meal will increase your stamina even more and you can see your stamina bar in yellow. When your stamina bar is yellow you will receive some stats buffs that you can find at the bottom right side of the screen. You can also run while the stamina bar is yellow.

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