Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Cook Banana Pie & Hearty Salad

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In Disney Dreamlight Valley, once you unlock the Ratatouille realm, you will meet Remy there who will be a bit sad about the critics. You need to interact with Remy who will give you a series of quests in which you need to cook some meals. In the Ratatouille realm, you will get all the ingredients for free and can try out cooking various different meals. You can eat those cooked meals in the Ratatouille realm but cannot bring them back to the village.

Eating in the realm will increase your stamina and give you certain buffs. While you will have to prepare various different types of meals, making two meals can be a bit hard as you won’t have the recipe for them. These two meals are Banana pie and Hearty salad. Below you will find how to cook these meals and complete the quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Make Banana Pie

To make a banana pie, one of the key ingredients will be butter. When you interact with Remy about the quest, he will tell the same. The recipe for the banana pie is:

  • Banana 1x
  • Butter 1x
  • Wheat 1x

Mix these three in the pot and you will get the Banana pie and the recipe will be added to your list. Later you can just auto-fill using the recipe and get the meal.

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Make Hearty Salad

To make a Hearty Salad the key ingredients will be Lettuce. You need to add lettuce with tomato and any other vegetable such as Zucchini or eggplant. You need three ingredients to craft this meal. Once the meal is cooked you need to talk with Remy to complete the subquest.

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    I don’t have the option to choose a banana in the kitchen, I do have three in my backpack, however it won’t let me choose those either!!! Ugh so frustrating

    • Hikari

      Are you trying to cook in Remy’s realm or in the dreamlight village. If you are cooking in Remy realm, you can take the banana from the shelf and use it.

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