Disney Dreamlight Valley Finding Lots Of Mushroom Trick

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In Disney Dreamlight Valley, mushrooms are one of the food items, that are required to cook meals. In the later part of the game, you will receive a few quests that will require you to find 20 mushrooms. As mushrooms grow only in the Glade of Trust, you will have a hard time collecting so many. In the Glade area, you will find only 5-6 mushroom patches, that you can collect and they take a lot of time to grow back.

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Gather Lots of Mushrooms & Change Well Location

disney dreamlight valley change well location

I will not recommend skipping time to a later date, because if you are skipping time till tomorrow and collecting the resources, you won’t find those resources later on that day. So either you can skip time for 2-3 years if you are planning to not play a game that long or you can follow the trick mentioned below to gather more mushrooms.

After unlocking the Glade Of Trust, you won’t be able to access the other half. To access the other half of the Glade area, you need to clear the big mushroom patches. On the half side of Glade that you can access, you will find 5-6 mushrooms. You need to unlock the well in the Glade of Trust area and then open your furniture menu. From there you will be able to shift the location of the well to the other side and gather all the mushrooms present there.

The other method to obtain a lot of mushrooms is by upgrading your water can. After upgrading you will be able to clear the single big mushrooms located in the meadows with a watering can. Clearing these big mushrooms will drop you mushrooms that can be used to cook or complete quests.

2 Replies to “Disney Dreamlight Valley Finding Lots Of Mushroom Trick”

  1. Kirsty

    You are an absolute genius, really aren’t trying to be dramatic but I’ve been stuck on this for days, I’ve not had 5-6 mushrooms spawning on that side, I’ve had 1 and sometimes 2 and even with a level 9 forager I was only getting 2 from each one. There are a few glitches that I can’t get past until the update (Donald’s trophy not being somewhere I can collect it and Elsas glittering fish that I caught before the mission and there aren’t 2 of them but new game so not too bothered, I knew this one wouldn’t be fixed immediately) you’ve actually made my week.

    • Nicole

      I was stuck on Elsas mission too until I added the dandelion oil to the cooking pot. Now I have completed that mission

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