Disney Dreamlight Valley Seach Different Areas With Moana

disney dreamlight valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will find four realms that you can visit from the castle now. These Disney characters will ask you to complete a few quests for them that you need to complete. In different realms, you will different types of fruits and resources that will help you craft and cook better. Below you will find one such quest you will find in one of the realms and how to complete it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley How Far You’ll Go Moana Quest Guide

Once you unlock the realm “The Ocean with a demigod” you will meet two Disney characters Moana and Maui. You need to complete a few of their quests and only then you can invite them to your Valley. In the valley, you need to build two separate houses for Moana and Maui.

The first quest you will receive from Moana is to fix her boat by finding wood and silk. Wood can be found laying on the ground but for Silk, you need to dig the ground with sparkling light coming out of it. Once you fix her boat, she will take you on an adventure and the quest “How Far You’ll Go”.

In this quest, she will give you a map that you need to examine and find a way through across the mist. There are four locations that you can visit which are:

  • To the Wrecked Boat
  • To the Sea Stack
  • To the Small Islands
  • To the Coral Reef

You need to visit the Coral Reef area, where on the right side of the boat, there will be a torch attached to the rock. You need to collect the torch and hand it over to Moana. After that catch a fish using your fishing rod and show it to Moana to complete the quest.

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