Disney Dreamlight Valley Remove Mushrooms From Glade of Trust

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In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will find a lot of obstacles blocking your path in different bioms. One such object is the big mushroom patches, that you can’t remove at the beginning of the game even after unlocking the Glade of Trust. To remove these patches, you need to reach the maximum friendship level with Merlin and complete the final quest. Below you will find which quest you need to complete and how to fully upgrade your watering can.

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Remove Mushrooms In Glade Of Trust

In the peaceful meadows area, you might have seen various big mushrooms. Merlin will show you a trick to remove these through a watering can and will you that he is working on a permanent solution. After unlocking the Glade of Trust area you will find that to visit the other half area you need to remove these mushrooms.

To remove these mushrooms you will need to upgrade your watering can. Once you reach friendship level 8 with Merlin, you will get a quest called “A Dark Experiment” in which you need to collect 20 mushrooms, 5 Emerald, and 3 Purified Night Shard. Even after completing this quest and upgrading your can, you will be able to clear the single patch of big mushrooms.

The multiple patches of big mushrooms located in the Glade Of Trust can’t be destroyed with this upgrade. To destroy those big patches of mushrooms you need to upgrade your watering can with “Royal Watering Can Upgrading Ointment” which can be crafted from the crafting table.

Once you reach friendship level 10 with Merlin you will receive a quest called “The Final Trail”. In this quest, you need to obtain various items to be able to craft the Royal Watering Can Upgrading Ointment. Once you craft this item, give it to Merlin and he will fully upgrade the water can. Now you can visit the Glade Of Trust and remove the big patches of mushrooms.

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