Disney Dreamlight Valley- How To Get And Farm Clay, Sand

disney dreamlight valleyIn Disney Dreamlight Valley, as we progress through the game and keep on obtaining quests, we would require to fulfill the demand of craft or collect better and new resources all the time. This time we have compiled this guide altogether to let you have your way with the Clay which you can find in a specific area in abundance. You will never have any shortage of clay, once you are done with this guide.

How To Get And Farm Clay, Sand At Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you are searching for the Clay, then it means that you have progressed quite far and need to gather more Dreamlight points in order to unlock the new area i.e. Glade of Trust for 5000 Dreamlight points. The higher area such as Sunlit Plateau and Forgotten Lands also has clay in the area but currently, it is enough to look for clay in the Glade of Trust. To obtain clay, equip a Shovel and dig in the muddy areas around the pond. You will obtain clay through this process.


To obtain sand, you just have to simply go to Dazzle Beach and dig the ground with the help of your Shovel. Apart from digging, you can break the huge blue rocks with your Enchanted Pickaxe to get sand.

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