Disney Dreamlight Valley- How To Feed Raccoons Favorite Food

disney dreamlight valleyIn Disney Dreamlight Valley, the new Critters are unlocked as you clear the evil magic or thorns blocking the entrance of the new area by consuming the Dreamlight Points. The Critter to which we have dedicated this guide is cute little Racoons. Where they can be found and what they like to eat or need to be presented when you approach them to befriend them.

What Are Raccoons Favorite Food In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Raccoons of various colors can be found in the Forest Of Valor which you must have unlocked it using 4000 Dreamlight Points. A new area means, more new resources! There if you slowly approach a Raccon and want to know what is their favorite food then it is none other than Blueberry.

Hand them a Blueberry and wait for your achievement to complete i.e. Feed the Raccoons Their Favorite Food to collect 100 Dreamlight Points. Feed them their favorite food for a few days in order to befriend them and use them as your companion.

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