Disney Dreamlight Valley Find Falling Water & Ice Heart

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In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will obtain a quest from Merlin after reaching friendship level 10 called “The Final Trail”. In this quest, your watering can will be fully upgraded by crafting an ointment and giving it to Merlin. You can check out our previous guide on how to quickly increase friendship level and clear big mushroom patches.

Disney Dreamlight Valley The Final Trail

Once the quest starts Merlin will ask you to craft 5 Purified Night Crystal. You need to obtain a lot of Dream Shards and Night Shards to craft it and after you are done, you need to find three different ingredients which are:

  • Falling Water
  • Ice Heart
  • Mushroom

While Mushroom is easier to get from the Glade Of Trust, you might find getting falling water and Ice Heart a bit difficult. Below you will find where to find these items and craft the Royal Watering Can Upgrading Ointment.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Where To Find Falling Water

To find the falling water, you need to visit the waterfall area located in the south of the Glade of Trust. Once you reach the location shown in the above image, you can find some sparkling light that you need to check. There you will obtain the falling water.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Where To Find Ice Heart

To find the Ice heart you need to unlock the Frosted Heights biome and need an item called “Ice Tear Seed” which will be a quest item. You need to visit the frosted heights and dig the soil with your shovel. Then plant the Ice tear seed and water it. Wait for some time for the plant to grow which you can harvest to obtain the Ice Heart.

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  1. UltaStormYT

    You can actually obtain the ice heart just by planting it in regular soil as well. You dont need to go to frosted heights only to do it. I grew it at my garden in the plaza.

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