Disney Dreamlight Valley explore Forest of Valor quest & Hardwood

disney dreamlight valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will find various quests from other Disney characters after leveling up your friendship level. These quests are sometimes linked with different biomes, which means you need to unlock those biomes first to obtain the quests. One such quest is linked with the Forest of Valor and you need to explore to find an item with Merlin. Below you will find where to find that item and hardwood.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Explore Forest of Valor With Merlin

After unlocking the Forest of Valor and finding Donald duck, you will get a quest from Merlin called “Crystal Mystery”. In this quest, Merlin wants to talk to you about some important topic and investigate a strange crystal, he found in the forest of Valor.

You need to find that crystal that is called “Mysterious Shard” and will be black in color just like Night Shard. The location of the Mysterious crystal will be on the right side of Pillar of Courage where you found the portal to the Dark Grove. You need to dig the place with your shovel to find the crystal. Merlin thinks this crystal is somehow connected to the Donald Duck adventure in the Dark Grove.

Give the Mysterious Shards to Merlin to investigate, after which he will ask you to collect some Night Shards. After collecting the Night shards, you need to craft a Purified Night shard from the crafting table. Give the Purified Night Shard to Merlin to complete this quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Where To Find Hardwood

Hardwood in this game, look very similar to softwood like a bunch of twigs laying on the ground. But to find hardwood you need to visit a different biome which is the “Glade of Trust”. You will also find these hardwoods in the Forest of Valor. There you will find two types of wood, hardwood, and softwood. The hardwood will be dark brownish in color, while the softwood will only be brownish. Once you unlock this area, simply visit there and find the bunch of twigs laying around. Pick up those bunch of twigs to find hardwood.

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