Ooblets- How to Change Hair Cut and Clothing

OobletsOoblets is a life simulation video game developed and published by Glumberland on July 15, 2020. Players!! From the beginning of any game, it has been in the best interest to customize the character according to individual preference. There might be fewer options to modify the appearance of the character but later when you get into the game deeper, you might unlock more options to choose from. This guide will help you with how to change the clothes and hairstyle of your character. So, without any further ado, lets get started.

How To Change Hair Cut And Clothing In Ooblets

To change the haircut in Ooblets, you need to visit a professional barber named Padrig. He can be found in Badgetown inside the barber shop named Snups. The shop is located on the right side of the road and it is likely to be missed. If you do not find Padrig inside the cabin, come back later and he should be there. You can unlock new haircuts by spending wishies(Farm them up) in Wishywall (center of the town). In the end, players will have their desired hair and facial hair over their character.

Changing clothes is less complicated than going to the barber meanwhile, clothes can be changed anywhere anytime. Heres how: open the Almanac and click the Clothing button under the Stuff tab. There would be a lineup of outfits, shoes, pants, and more inside the Stuff tab. More clothes can be obtained in the Kibbonbon shop which will have a waving cat logo on its door and is situated to the left of the fountain. Another way around neighboring villages and members of the town will lend you duplicates of their clothing in exchange for help or beating them in dance battles.

This type of feature adds up to the life simulation game making it realistic and funny to play. You get options to change your haircut and clothing as per your desire. For more informative guides on Ooblets, click on the link that has been provided below the description:

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