Disney Dreamlight Valley Oregano, Basil, & Material For Birdhouse

disney dreamlight valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley the Disney characters you will meet in the valley will request to fetch various different types of items. A few such items that you will need early game are Oregano, Basil, White Daisy, Softwood, and Blue Falling Penstemon. Below you will find how to obtain these items and complete their quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Where To Find Oregano & Basil


In one of Goofy’s friendship quests called “A Warm Welcome“, you will have to find two different types of herbs which are Oregano and Basil. After that, you need to cook a meal using one of the ingredients. Oregano can be found in the plaza area while for Basil you need to look for it in the meadows.


Basil will be a small-looking green plant with a bunch of leaves. Oregano plants will have tall thin branches with few leaves on them. You need to find 3x each type of herb and then use them to cook a meal to complete the quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Where To Find Materials For Tall Birdhouse

In this Mickey’s quest, you need to obtain three different types of resources that are mentioned below. Once you have obtained these resources you will be able to craft the tall birdhouse from the crafting station. You can find the crafting station inside Scrooge’s shop or your house if you have placed it. After crafting come out to the plaza, open the furniture menu, and place the tall birdhouse to complete the quest.

Where To Find White Daisy

White daisies can be found in the meadows. You need to look for a plant with a single white color flower.

Where To Find Blue Falling Penstemon

The blue falling penstemon can be found in the plaza area. You need to look for a plant with falling blue color flowers.


There are a bunch of small twigs that you can find around the plaza and meadows. You need to collect these to complete some of the quests as well as to craft chests.

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