Disney Dreamlight Valley Mickey’s Memories & Missing Minnie

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In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will find various different types of quests from Disney characters. When you keep on increasing your friendship level with each character, you will unlock special quests from them. Mickey’s Memory and Missing Minnie quests you will obtain from Mickey that you need to complete. Below you will find how to complete Missing Minnie quests and find the hidden recipe location.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Search For Hidden Recipe Quest Guide

The first time you will meet Mickey in his house, the “Mickey’s Memories” quest will start. You need to clear all the night thorns inside the house and investigate the memory. After investigating you need to ask Mickey about the memory and find the place shown in the memory.

The location shown in the memory will be a restaurant called Chez Remy which is closed for now. You can find an abandoned building on the left side of Scrooge’s shop. You need to visit the place, Chez Remy, with Mickey and find a secret recipe that he has hidden.

On the left side of the shop, you can find the ground with sparkling light on it. Use your shovel to dig that place to find the recipe. After that open your inventory and learn the Fruit Salad Recipe. Then you need to talk with Mickey to complete the quest and earn friendship points.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Missing Minnie Quest Guide

Once you have reached friendship level 3 with Mickey, he will give you a quest called Missing Minnie. In this quest, you need to first make some fish sandwiches and Crudites. After that follow Mickey to the picnic spot where you need to interact with him. There you can find Minnie’s shadow appearing and disappearing. Then Mickey will head to find Merlin to ask him how to bring Minnie back and the quest will be completed.

5 Replies to “Disney Dreamlight Valley Mickey’s Memories & Missing Minnie”

  1. Kelly

    For some reason when I follow Mickey to the picnic spot and talk to him he does not go to find Merlin. I just keep repeating this part over and over. I hope someone reported this to game developers.

    • Hikari

      While interacting with Mickey, he will tell “Wait…Merlin and I saw something like this before, Minnie isn’t gone. There you will have two choices What is it? and I’ve seen Minnie.
      When I choose the option What is it? Then Mickey doesn’t go and find Merlin. I had to choose the second option by talking with Mickey again and then he went to find Merlin.

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